Upper Peninsula of Michigan Fly Fishing Guide

Brown Trout - Upper Peninsula Michigan Fly Fishing Guide

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Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta) will eat whatever local insect life is abundant. Young feed on insects and invertebrates; shrimp, flies, caddis, stonefly, mayfly etc. Larger fish are active predators of fish; young trout, suckers, sculpins and other minnows. Larger brown trout will also feed on small animals; baby birds, frogs, mice. Brown Trout sometimes do not actively feed until the late afternoon or early evening. During cooler weather they will feed during the day. The largest browns feed under cover of darkness.
Into The Wild finds Brown Trout with regularity on rivers across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Common catches can reach up to 20+ inches. Brown Trout can be found and caught all year long. The summer months produce the best numbers and size of browns. You use nymphs, dry or wets or even streamers while fly fishing and find great numbers of fish. The river resident Brown Trout is truly a legendary game fish!