Upper Peninsula of Michigan Fly Fishing Guide

Chinook Salmon - Upper Peninsula Michigan Fly Fishing Guide

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The Chinook Salmon, (Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha) also known as the "King Salmon" is an anadromous fish that is the largest species in the salmon family. In 1967, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources planted Chinook Salmon in Lake Michigan and Lake Huron to control the alewife population, (an invasive species of nuisance fish from the Atlantic Ocean.) Alewives then constituted 90% of the biota in these lakes.
The Chinook "King" Salmon is a prized catch for many anglers across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They are known to break rods, destroy reels and snap even the heaviest of tippets. Kings will fight until exhausted and are known for their endurance. Fly fishing for these giants is an exhilarating experience. Egg patterns and big streamers can draw vicious strikes! Get ready for the fight of your fly fishing life!