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“Jim Pryal has given me a fishing experience I will never forget. With that being said, my most memorable trip was chasing after the evasive Steelhead. Let me tell you, it was incredibly fun. In a days worth of fly fishing, I managed to catch two beautiful Steelhead along with a few King Salmon and oh boy did the pictures do justice. Overall, fishing with Jim has brought me great success and along with that came a great friendship. Thank you Jim for some wonderful memories!"

-Kevin O.

“This is from a novice fly fisherman. While using the services of a bonafide trout guru, I was introduced to some trophy trout fishing. As a virgin to this exciting sport, I was ecstatic with the results. Not only was I taught the proper technique, I caught huge brown trout and rainbows. Check out the photos to see for yourself. I wouldn't hesitate to use him for a guided trip again. Jim is a pro's pro. Thanks again for a memorable experience!"

-Willie F.

"Jim is a fantastic guide and more importantly, a fantastic guy. He will work as hard as possible to put you on fish. Jim has an obvious enthusiasm for fishing, and loves to share his extensive knowledge. Whether you are a first timer trying to learn the basics, or a seasoned veteran looking too expand your knowledge, book a day with Jim and you are sure to have a great time!"


"I have been fishing with Jim and all I can say is... excellent! The places we have fished are remote and pristine, which adds to the fun when holding a large trout. His knowledge of the habit in which trout live is very high and this leads to more fish in the net. I can't say enough about the experiences and things I have learned when fishing with Jim Pryal. Do yourself a favor, book with Jim today and get ready for some fun on the river."

-Tom A.

"Do you want to catch a trophy fish? Just have Jim take you out on the river. Nobody can read water like this guy. It's almost like he can read the fish's mind. I had one of the best days of fishing in my entire life. I caught some gigantic Brown Trout and even some Rainbows. I had no idea there were big trout like this here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Thanks Jim!"

-Steve D.

"I have had the privilege of fishing with Jim Pryal. I got to fish fall Chinook Salmon with him. His knowledge is unsurpassed on fish and what they are doing. When I want to fish and have a great time, Jim is on the top of my list."

-Jim S.

"It was a fun experience fishing with Jim. I never fly fished for Brookies before. I learned a lot on how trout feed and where they live. Jim showed me how to catch native Brook Trout. I caught ten beautiful trout my first time fly fishing. I recommend you let him take you on the river. Thanks again."

-Jacob H.

"James Pryal not only worked harder than any other guide I have fished with, he also was very balanced with his professionalism. James made me feel as if I was fishing with a friend I grew up with. James really made my days fun and exciting. I can't wait to fish with him again."

-Tom Pfiester