Upper Peninsula of Michigan Fly Fishing Guide

Lake Run Brown Trout - Upper Peninsula Michigan Fly Fishing Guide

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The Lake-Run Brown Trout (Salmo Trutta) aka, the lacustrine morph is potamodromous, migrating from fresh water lakes into rivers or streams to spawn, although there is some evidence of stocks that spawn on wind-swept shorelines of lakes. Overfishing is a problem where anglers fail to identify and return mature female fish into the lake or stream. Each large female removed can result in thousands fewer eggs released back into the system when the remaining fish spawn.
Into The Wild Fly Fishing targets Lake-Run Browns in a rivers across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They can be found and caught with regularity during the fall, winter and even spring months. Common catches can reach up to 20 lbs. If you want to find one of these bad boys, call us today! Catching a gigantic Lake-Run Brown Trout on a fly rod is an exhilarating experience!